This is an innovative concept that combines exclusivity, personalization and individualized care for high-income customers. The Private segment has a portfolio of products designed especially to protect you and your assets.

Check out Fairfax Private’s lines of business:

Residencial Residencial

Residential Insurance

Insurance designed to protect your residence, according to your needs, providing flexibility in choice of coverage that best suits you.
Hiring the Home Insurance, you are entitled to the following support services discriminated against, to care even more of you and your heritage:

  • PET Support;
  • Personal Fitness Support;
  • Nutrition Support;
  • Help Desk Support;
  • Concierge Support;
  • Residential Support;
  • Convenience Support;
  • Locomotion Support due
       to Accident.
Fine Arts Fine Arts

Fine Arts Insurance

Provides necessary protection for private art collections. There are covered damages due to fire, theft, water, mishandling, among others.

Equinos Equinos

Equine Insurance

Animal Insurance aims to ensure Insured the transport coverage and life of Animal Insured during policy period, since its death is due to accident, illness, choking, childbirth or abortion, etc. provided in contractual conditions of insurance agreement. It also has additional coverage as surgical, clinical and autopsy reimbursement fertility elective surgery and theft.

Aeronáutico Aeronáutico

Aviation Insurance

Policies tailored to business aviation, with custom conditions and able to meet needs of aircraft owners in many different operations and types of aircraft, such as jet aircraft, twin-engine piston, single and twin-engine turboprop and turbine helicopters.

RC Familiar RC Familiar

RC Family Insurance (Worldwide Coverage)

Guarantees repairs for involuntary, bodily or property damages caused to third parties arising from liability of insured itself, its spouse, minor children under its responsibility, domestic employees residents in property and pets of its property.

With local autonomy and global presence, our experts are on hand to know you better and propose constantly integrated solutions from our broad platform of products and services.

We emphasize that insurance brokers and business partners of Fairfax Brasil are fundamental to the success of this new phase, so our team is ready to provide you full support in this segment with vocation to manage such issues and offer flexibility in customized solutions.

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(1) We recommend a careful reading of contractual conditions of insurance agreement, previously available to contracting, especially with respect to excluded risks and loss of right to compensation.
(2) Support Services guaranteed by company Fácil Assist Serviços e Assistência 24 horas Ltda EPP, CNPJ No. 13.349.528.0001-12, located at Rua Conselheiro Saraiva, 306 - conjunto 81 - Santana, São Paulo – SP.
(3) Acceptance of insurance will be subject to risk analysis; record of these plans of SUSEP does not imply, by Autarchy, incentive or recommendation of its commercialization; insured can check registration status of its insurance broker at website, through the number of its registration in SUSEP, full name, CNPJ or CPF.

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Fine Arts: SUSEP Process no. 15414.001456/2010-82
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Family RC: SUSEP Process no. 15414.900717/2013-91
Hooves - Group/Sector 1535: SUSEP Process no. 15414.000761-2010-57
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