More Than Only Insurance

Choose the insurance is as important as the choice of the team riders who operate their aircraft decision. At this point you should use the same criteria to find the company that will be taking care of their assets! The Fairfax is certainly an insurer that meets all these requirements and still gives you additional advantages because it is present in the international market for almost 30 years, with evolving and developing products and services for activities related to the sector.

Bespoke Protection

Holding assets that can potentially present large risks requires expertise. The deep knowledge of the subject and the risks involved allows the Fairfax offer the most adequate protection, with the most competitive rates for each operation. Thus, the client will have the right coverage for your aircraft, according to the type of exposure and countries through which it is traveling.

Policies tailored to business aviation, personalized and able to able to meet the needs of aircraft owners are a reality in Fairfax and ensure peace in many different operations and aircraft types, such as:

  • icone Aircraft jet;
  • icone Mono and twin-engine turboprops;
  • icone The twin-engine piston aircraft;
  • icone Turbine helicopters.

Our policies ensure, beyond the basic coverage for " Hull ", " Liability Optional - LUC " and " STRAIGHT " (Responsibility of the Operator and Air Carrier), a series of additional coverage where, among others, stand out:

  • War, Confiscation and Seizure, with or without extension to the country of registration of the aircraft;
  • Parts and Spares ;
  • Expenses with Temporary Substitute Aircraft ;
  • Expenses Medical Hospital;
  • Emergency and First Aid ;
  • Expenses Search and Rescue / Placement Foam on Track and Wreck Removal ;
  • Exclusive Coverage in soil or applicable only in case of total loss ;
  • Personal Injury (Society).

Concern for Quality

Perfection can only be achieved by combining technical knowledge and the personal attention to detail. This philosophy applies not only to the professionals who play a role as a crew member of an aircraft or by ground crews. The aviation insurance Fairfax built his brand guided in overcoming limits and constant improvement, and today is synonymous with products and services with high quality standards and holds a prominent position in our economy when it comes to protecting the assets of individuals or companies.

The Fairfax has a staff of personalized service to provide greater flexibility in the presentation of quotations, technical inquiries and issuing certificates and documents as the needs of its customers, to simplify processes and provide, in any situation, exceeding all expectations.

Always on the Client’s Side

The Fairfax has affirmed its position on the new aviation insurance market in Brazil and in the world, where technical expertise, constant investment in quality underwriting and total autonomy in decision-making will be the keys to our success and continuity preservation the best conditions for our customers.

Para maiores informações, consulte os termos e condições contratuais do seguro, bem como o registro do produto da Fairfax Brasil Seguros Corporativos S/A, CNPJ nº 10.793.428/0001-92, junto à Superintendência de Seguros Privados – Susep, por meio do seguinte número de processos Susep nº 15414.901232-2016-68 (Casco) / 15414.000718-2010-91 (LUC) / 15414.000716-2010-01 (RETA). A aceitação do seguro estará sujeita à análise do risco pela Seguradora; o registro deste plano na Susep não implica, por parte da Autarquia, incentivo ou recomendação a sua comercialização; o segurado poderá consultar a situação cadastral de seu corretor de seguros, no site www.susep.gov.br, por meio do número de seu registro na SUSEP, nome completo, CNPJ ou CPF.