The Affinity Program of Fairfax is developed tailored together with business partner in order to provide a structured insurance with unique advantages for the employees and associates of the policyholder program.

The program allows the purchase of insurance for personal and property protection with costs and variable conditions, and coverages and services defined according to the profile and needs of each client.

Main areas of activity:
  • icone Group Life;
  • icone Collective Personal Accident;
  • icone Lender;
  • icone Residential;
  • icone Magnetic Card;

Group Life

Fairfax offers Life and Accident insurance with its international experience for different profiles and needs.

People are the highest value in your business, and you, the businessman or HR executive and benefits, know that your business achieves more and better results when it provides protection and well-being to employees and their families.

Talk to your insurance broker and learn more about People Insurance and Fairfax Brasil Seguros.

Personal accidents

Fairfax Brasil offers insurance for the risks of personal accidents due to the day-to-day events, or even of those specific events, generating protection for the person as for the contracting group or company. It is one of the most accepted insurance in Brazil and the world for the price/benefit ratio.

To do this consult your insurance broker and find out more about hiring, types of coverages and capitals more suitable for you, your company, group or association.

Stop Loss

The Insurance Excess Financial Losses for Medical Plans - Stop Loss - insurance is a financial line that aims to limit losses from medical expenses related to events of high cost.

The cover can be structured according to the experience of each company where the cost of this financial protection is directly related to the level of franchise adopted as well as to the limit of coverage and information on the portfolio’s demographic profile and history of casualties available.

Para maiores informações, consulte os termos e condições contratuais do seguro, bem como o registro do produto da Fairfax Brasil Seguros Corporativos S/A, CNPJ nº 10.793.428/0001-92, junto à Superintendência de Seguros Privados – Susep, por meio do seguinte número de processos Susep nº XXXX (nº dos produtos divulgados). A aceitação do seguro estará sujeita à análise do risco pela Seguradora; o registro deste plano na Susep não implica, por parte da Autarquia, incentivo ou recomendação a sua comercialização; o segurado poderá consultar a situação cadastral de seu corretor de seguros, no site, por meio do número de seu registro na SUSEP, nome completo, CNPJ ou CPF.