Mission, vision and values



To be the insurer of choice and recognized by our customers as a provider of innovative and differentiated solutions in the transfer of enterprise risks, assuring sustainable growth and providing a long-term relationship with our customers, suppliers and colaborators.


Be the leading insurance company in performance through a committed, proactive and ethical attitude, showing local autonomy and global presence.


  • We are committed to serving our relationships with honesty, integrity and humility.
  • We are focuzed on results and we believe in its distribution to shareholders, partners and employees.
  • We value the loyalty to our customers, our colleagues and to Fairfax.
  • e are hard working but not at the expense of our families.
  • We always analyze business opportunities for Fairfax, but emphasizing protection and reduce exposure.
  • We are entrepreneurs. We take calculated risks.
  • We accept the error, but we assume we should always learn from it.
  • We encourage an atmosphere of relaxed working and motivated teams.
  • We pursue continuous improvement in our routines and procedures in order to make them always more efficient.
  • We do not tolerate silent, anonymous, or reasoned in immobility or in the comfort zone decisions attitude.