The flexibility and ease of hiring the product to Warranty the tranquility of all those involved in operations. The owner of the cargo passing through the mortgagee, to the consignee or the agent of a commercial transaction. Allied to the coverage for various types of risk, Safe Transport Fairfax offers a wide range of differentiated services and tailored.

Shipper Insurance

Warrantys against loss or damage to cargo during transport (national or international territory) as terms, clauses and agreed. Meant to owners of goods transported by land, air, rail or waterway.

National Transportation

Our insurance National Transportation offer the best solutions to protect cargo throughout the Brazilian territory, considering the various modes. The Fairfax operates in a specialized manner to allow the insured cargo will always remain protected at all stages of the logistics process. The hiring of policies for each trip is usually simple and preserves the smooth running of the operations of the carrier and the shipper.

International Shipping

Insurance that protects the goods in international travel by waterway, land and air routes. Toppings are established according to the needs of the company owning the goods or under the responsibility of companies that import or export and on behalf of third parties (logistics providers, trading companies), eventually Warrantying funds for expenses, Insurance, Shipping, Earnings and Expected Taxes (IPI, ICMS, PIS & COFINS).
International standard coverage and rates have adequate coverage and offers the characteristics of each customer, from the simplest to the widest possible, according to the most modern standards of the world market and highly competitive costs.

Delay in Start Up

The Fairfax is one of the few companies in the Brazilian market that operates insurance DSU - Delay in Start-Up This protection provides coverage for the importer if the delivery of a particular commodity causes a delay in the start of a business project operations, causing loss of profit. These events can occur in large imports of machinery, turbines and other equipment.

Civil Liability

Aim carriers (land, air, waterway), protecting them until the insured and / or figures in the Bills of Lading, the costs of cash compensation to which they are civilly liable for damage suffered by goods or merchandise belonging to the 3rd occurring during transport on national territory.

Dentre as modalidades oferecidas por este produto destacamos:


• RCTR-C Liability Road Carrier

• RCTA-C Liability of Air Carrier

• RCTF-C Liability of the Carrier Rail

• RCA-C Liability of the Shipowner

Desvio de Carga

• RCF-DC Liability Optional

Viagens Internacionais

• RCTR-VI Liability of the Carrier Cargo

Main Distinctive Qualities

Fairfax operates in a specialized way to act quickly on those occasions when there are claims anywhere in the country, considering the various modes.

  • Speed in the preparation and submission of quotations;
  • Agility in issuing policies and monthly bills;
  • Own structure adjustment and settlement of claims, ensuring a responsive and personalized service;
  • Speed in payment of claims;
  • Use of electronic tools for endorsement and issuance of certificates;
  • Call Center itself for quick service and troubleshooting;
  • Service risk management through analysis of caracteríticas logistics Customer, to increase their safety and minimize risks;
  • Technical and Commercial Assistance to develop policies with appropriate conditions and fees to the needs and risks of each company;
  • Customer fast claims throughout Brazil.
Para maiores informações, consulte os termos e condições contratuais do seguro, bem como o registro do produto da Fairfax Brasil Seguros Corporativos S/A, CNPJ nº 10.793.428/0001-92, junto à Superintendência de Seguros Privados – Susep, por meio do seguinte número de processos Susep nº XXXX (nº dos produtos divulgados). A aceitação do seguro estará sujeita à análise do risco pela Seguradora; o registro deste plano na Susep não implica, por parte da Autarquia, incentivo ou recomendação a sua comercialização; o segurado poderá consultar a situação cadastral de seu corretor de seguros, no site, por meio do número de seu registro na SUSEP, nome completo, CNPJ ou CPF.